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Dr. Avik J. Dandapat is a new member of Leading Implant Centers

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Implantologists who have been verifiably certified to the highest level in their respective scientific association present themselves on this new international platform. The latest member joining the circle of the best is Dr. Avik J. Dandapat from London in United Kingdom. Patients need guidance Patients facing an implantological treatment would like to be sure to find the latest dental care, the highest quality implants and the best dental specialist whom they can trust with their problems. However, for the patient it is difficult if not even impossible to assess and evaluate the qualifications of an implantologist due to the many educational opportunities available, with all the various diplomas, certificates and statements. But the fact is that only a handful of all licensed dental specialists are at the highest quality training and certification level of their respective scientific associations in oral implantology. Clear entry criteria guarantee quality With the co-operation of a scientific advisory board, Leading Implant Centers has developed strict entry criteria to ensure that the specialists it lists have verifiably been educated and certified to the highest level in the field of oral implantology within their respective scientific association. Furthermore, all members have a minimum of 4 years of practical experience in oral implantology with at least 200 successful treatment cases. It is the aim of the internet portal to offer patients and interested individuals a platform where they can reliably find an assembly of the best specialists in oral implantology. Dr. Avik J. Dandapat – a gain for Leading Implant Centers With Dr. Avik J. Dandapat, owner of the „Dental Implant Centre” from London in United Kingdom, another highly respected expert in oral implantology joins the internet portal Leading Implant Centers. The internationally recognized implantologist has proven that he is not only highly engaged for his own further education but also equally conscientious of the qualification requirements of future implantologists. Many awards impressively prove this. Always on the latest scientific level Extensive practice experience as well as profound know-how and many years of experience at the latest scientific level, complimented by constant participation in advanced training and education, as well as further training and continuous education are the requirements that an implantologist needs to repeatedly demonstrate in order to gain these highest certificates and awards from their specific scientific associations in implantology firstly, but then also to earn it anew again and again. For many years Dr. Avik J. Dandapat has fulfilled these requirements. He is a well established dentist from London in United Kingdom. Next to implantology he also offers vast dental care in further fields of dentistry. With his membership, Leading Implant Centers is enriched with yet another qualified implantologist. You will find his profile on

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Patient Case Study of the Month

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Mrs X attended the clinic with an ill fitting upper denture and the challenge is she had Bells plasy on the left side.Read More >

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Patient Case Study of the Month

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Lower Full Arch on 6 Ankylos (Dentsply, Friadent) Implants – Metal-Ceramic Cement Retained Bridge

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Patient Case Study of the Month

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i-Smile™ Same day Full mouth Reconstruction Patient had an i-Smile™ bespoke on upper arch (Jaw) and an i-Smile™ same day on the lower arch. Jennifer’s Success Story “Jennifer’s story – Jennifer came to us in 2010 and she had failing upper and lower teeth. She had already seen 3 other implant surgeons in another clinics and being a US resident living in the UK had also seen some USA based cosmetic dentists. After speaking to her friends about Dr Dandapat she finally choose Avik at the dental implant centre, Twyford nearing reading to embark on the journey to having a new set of fixed teeth. For anyone this is a big decision based on costs involved, commitment needed and the anxiety of having all the remaining teeth removed. Jennifer opted for our bespoke i-Smile(Same Day) option so we were able to plan her to have all her teeth removed in one day, the 12 dental implants placed and then a fixed temporary bridge placed at the same time in the upper and lower jaws. Our unique i-smile system means Jennifer did not have to experience having a set of dentures ever in her life. After an initial diagnostic appointment whereby we took photos, impressions and digital images of her smile, face and facial bones we were able to relate this information to our master ceramic technician to produce a temporary bridge prior to us embarking on surgery. The big day came and the surgery was planned for 9.30am start – she attended the clinic at 9.00am and our support staff went through the pre op instructions , medical assessment and pre surgical checks. Jennifer opted for sedation – so she would be relaxed during the surgery. Everything went exactly as planned and Jennifer had her new fixed smile completed by 11.30am – allowing a period of 1 hour for recovery she was on her way to healing. She healed for a total of 4 months then a further 3 appointments of 1 hour each were needed to produce her new ceramic upper and lower bridges. Jennifer can now eat, speak and function as if they were her own teeth back. The team at could not be happier for her and the success story of her treatment. Its patients like jennifer whom make our work very satisfying and all our staff were excited to see her results carried out efficiently with the minimal amount of fuss or complication. ” See Fee Guide> Enquire About this Treatment>

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A Big thank you for our 40 Top referring General Dentists

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A big thank you for all the support of our referring General dentists in the Berkshire area we hope all of you had the best experience of a referral implant practice. In 2011-12 we plan to make referral even easier with our new fast track web referral service. We promise to give your patients appointments within 48 hours of initial contact for there consultations and still offer a 24 hour emergency dental implant placement service. Our top referrers will as ever with xmas approaching receive a very special thank you from the whole team here at the dental implant centre. Next year we plan to all go on a referrers day – details to follow soon !!

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New Website and Logo launched for the Dental Implant Centre, Reading

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After planning now for 5 months we have launched our new website and logo. Dr Avik Jonathan Dandapat in consultation with mezzanine creative wanted the site to reflect his personally and approach to care. After a zillion phone calls and emails with the industries best web designers we have come up with our new site and logo. Also we have opened up 2 new dental implant clinics, firstly in London’sprestigious Harley street and the second in Birmingham. We welcome any feedback on our site and new structure from all our past and new patients. Please feel free to email us your thoughts and comments. We have integrated a great deal of social networking and blogs to reflect our new contemporary feel towards dental implants.

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Dr Avik Jonathan Dandapat in

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this is Dentistry

This is Dentistry – an Impartial and Up-To-Date Dental Information Website for the UK Public Dr Avik Jonathan Dandapat is an expert Dental Implant Advisor in A multitude of websites and other dentistry resources can be found online, but nothing compares to the information and convenience provided by This is Dentistry – an independent site with the latest information in the world of dentistry. This is Dentistry makes it easier for everyone to get the dental information they need and want – in the most convenient ways possible. What sets This is Dentistry apart from other online dentistry sources? Studies show that a significant percentage of the UK public (approximately 25-50 %!) do not visit the dentist, for various reasons. The focus of This is Dentistry is to empower the public with information that is easy to find, and easy to understand. The goal of This is Dentistry is to encourage and invite the public to share their experiences, and to discuss their fears and problems with expert UK dentists – without having to make a commitment to specific treatments. This is Dentistry aims to change the face of dentistry in the UK with the use of social media blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Disqus, and forming a mutually-beneficial dental community consisting of ordinary people and expert UK dentists. When asked about how this website helps the UK public, a spokesperson for This is Dentistry said, “We are aware that many people fear dentists and the tools and gadgets that the dentists use. This is Dentistry aims to educate the public with information on the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology in the world of dentistry, so more people will discover that dentistry has made leaps and bounds in treating dental problems in recent years. The latest technology can now make nearly-painless dentistry possible.” He also said, “There are now more dentists who will go out of their way to make their patients as comfortable as possible, easing their dental fears and anxieties. Dentistry as we know it now recognizes the need for a patient to feel relaxed when it comes to dental treatments, and this is the reason why we have dental hypnotist advisors onboard. We hear of countless stories about people refusing to go even for a routine dental checkup for years, because of the crippling fear that they experience with the mere thought of seeing the dentist.” This is Dentistry provides an opportunity for patients to break through the walls of their dentist fears, so they can get the dental treatments they need and deserve without having to deal with panic attacks. Features that set This is Dentistry apart from other online dental directories: Easy to use online dental directory for patients Completely independent and impartial directory Easy to understand, up-to-date information on dental treatments, common problems and brand names Easily find a dentist in your area View the profile page of featured dentists showing their patient images and practice videos Patients can readily contact expert dental advisors Patients can “Get a Quote” from a dentist listed in This is dentistry Continuously changing dental information to benefit both patients and dentists Members of the public can share their problems with others and ”Get Quick Answers” Latest dental blog & news topics Patient forum, where you can discuss dental topics with UK dentists This is Dentistry was formed in 2010 by business owners, who have over 15 years of experience working in the field of dentistry. The goal of This is Dentistry is to have everything about dentistry in the UK in this website, bringing valuable dentistry information much closer to the public. The website has features designed to encourage and invite patients to build a community with other members of the public, and with expert UK dentists as well; these features include: FIND A DENTIST (in a local area), news topics, blogs, forums, and even an ASK A DENTIST page where members can chat directly with dentists or even Get a Quote.

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Young and Gifted – Avik in “Implant Dentistry Today”

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Young and Gifted – Avik in “Implant Dentistry Today” September 2008 Avik Dandapat is the youngest dentist in the UK to gain the Dip Imp Dent RCS (Eng) – ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS – qualification at age 29. Versha Miyanger finds out more.       VM: Can you tell me a bit about your background? AD: My father is a medical doctor as was my grandfather so I broke the mould and became a dentist. I have one sister who has a PhD in Dermatology from Imperial College, London. I completed my A-levels in South Kensington, London and went on to read dentistry at Birmingham University. I qualified in 2001 and went on to pass my MFGDP(UK) in 2003. By 2007 I attained the Dip.Imp.Dent (RCS) qualification by examination at first sitting at the age of 29. After university I did my VT then an oral surgery job and went onto being an associate GDP followed by a Principal. I have been running my practice now for three years with my wife Nahid who is also a dentist. VM: Are you completely restricted to implants, or do you practice other types of dentistry? AD: 75% of all my work now is implant related. I look after only a handful of general patients whom have seen me over the last five years and do not accept new patients for general treatment. VM: Do the implant patients come from referrals? AD: Yes, but also from internal referrals and referrals from patients I have treated. VM: How long have you been working in implant dentistry and what systems do you use? AD: I have been working in this sector for six years and I use Ankylos implants from Dentsply Friadent predominately but also use Astra-tech on occasion. VM: Why did you decide to concentrate on implants? AD: As I had a passion for oral surgery and liked a challenge I thought implantology suited my skill set and interests in surgery and dentistry. I believe for me it was the most fascinating area of dentistry that allowed one to think out of the box and fly out of my comfort zone. Also implants can really change a person’s quality of life which is very satisfying to have the ability to carry out such work. VM: What training have you undertaken apart from your University education? AD: The Membership of the FGDP(UK) examination (MFGDP(UK)) and the diploma in implant dentistry from the royal college of surgeons of England. Dip.Imp.Dent RCS (Eng). VM: What is the most satisfying aspect of your work? AD: Doing complex implant reconstructive surgery where the final result is achieved to a high aesthetic and functional standard. VM: Professionally, what are you most proud of? AD: Achieving the standards required to attain the Diploma in Implant Dentistry at first examination only six years post qualification by the age of 29. VM: What about your practice do you think is unique? AD: The practice as well as having installed the world’s leading technology has a fantastic working team that provides patients with exceptional service. We aim to make each patient journey unique and memorable by providing exceptional levels of comfort and customer service beyond convention. We are certainly not all about veneers! VM: What has been your biggest challenge? AD: The Diploma in Implantology, needless to say 20 cited essays, ten clinical cases presented and written up stage by stage to FGDP standards in implants, a practice inspection, and a one-hour viva about my cases – was enough to drive anyone around the bend! VM: What do you think is the future of implant dentistry? AD: Shortly there will be more regulation by the GDC for dentists practicing implant dentistry. Restriction of cases GDPs will be able to undertake without formal registered qualifications. Consideration of specialist lists in implantology but I think we are far from this at present. VM: What are your top tips in maintaining a successful implant practice and what advice would you give to budding implant dentists? AD: Well firstly do predictable work, be competitively priced, provide exceptional customer service, have an implant treatment co-ordinator who discusses treatment plans with your patients without you being there. It’s amazing how patients ask questions to a third party that they may hesitate asking you. Use multimedia presentations and invest in good technology and premises. Make sure you have your aseptic techniques as good as they can be. Audit and follow up your cases every year and use the data for research. For budding implant dentists, don’t consider weekend courses as your licence to practice implantology what the companies don’t teach you is what can go wrong and how to deal with the complications. Consider the correct training pathways and look at the GDC guidelines on training standards in implantology. Do things right from the start and do not take on cases you are unsure about at the beginning. Use an ADI mentor to start work and utilise their experience. The lists are being published at the end of the summer this is now a GDC requirement to practice implant dentistry in the UK. Young and Gifted – Avik in “Implant Dentistry Today” September 2008    

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The Benefits of Full Arch/Full Mouth Dental Implants

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Missing teeth need to be addressed as soon as possible, especially if a full arch (all of the upper or lower teeth) is involved. Full arch or full mouth dental implants are ideal for those who have lost all of their teeth on a single arch (lower of upper jaw), who do not want to deal with the discomfort and inconvenience that removable dentures can give. Removable dentures also offer solutions to missing teeth; however, as they are not fixed in place, they will have a tendency to move around inside the mouth. When dentures move unnecessarily, they can cause friction on the inner lining of the mouth – which can lead to uncomfortable episodes that can result to painful mouth sores that can become infected, especially if the friction is repeated often. Steps in the Placement of Full Arch/Full Mouth Dental Implants The patient is given all the information needed about the whole full arch/full mouth dental implants placement procedure; the initial assessment and consultation phase will also be helpful in determining the patient’s goals and expectations, which can be discussed in detail with the dentist. After the initial consultation and planning stage, the dental implants can then be placed or installed. Temporary teeth restorations will be attached to allow the patient to replace the form and function of natural teeth, while waiting for the permanent dentures or bridges to be installed. With the temporary teeth restorations, the patient can enjoy eating, chewing, and smiling without having to worry about missing teeth problems. The next step involves attaching the permanent, fixed dentures or bridges to the dental implants which have previously been placed. The temporary teeth restorations will first be removed, and the final dentures or dental bridges placed to replace the form and function of missing teeth. After the permanent or fixed dentures/dental bridges are secured firmly in place, the patient can now start enjoying a brand-new smile, without having to worry about dentures that move around the mouth unnecessarily. Benefits of Dentures/ or Dental Bridges Fixed with Dental Implants Fixed dentures or dental bridges have a number of advantages or benefits over removable dentures: Confidence – Fixed dentures or dental bridges supported by dental implants replace the form and function of missing teeth, and are securely anchored to the jaw through the use of dental implants. As such, a person will not have to constantly worry about embarrassing episodes when the dentures move in unplanned ways – which may be the case when removable dentures are used. Fixed dentures or dental bridges with dental implants give the wearer the confidence to eat, speak or smile confidently, knowing that the teeth restorations will stay securely in place. Increased Comfort – Removable dentures have the tendency to move around inside the mouth, especially if they start to loosen. The constant friction caused by moving dentures can cause painful mouth sores to form, which may lead to infections. Fixed dental bridges or dentures supported by dental implants stay firmly in place, eliminating uncomfortable instances when dentures move around unnecessarily. Improved Facial Contours – Missing teeth can significantly alter a person’s facial contours, and can make one seem a lot older than he/she actually is. Fixed dentures or dental bridges with dental implants can help in maintaining a person’s facial contours, and can also help in preserving the jaw bone. Improved Eating/Chewing Ability – Chewing can be extremely difficult with dentures that are loose and constantly moving; this can make the pleasurable activity of eating seem like a never-ending chore. Fixed dental bridges or dentures are secured in place with dental implants, so they will not move around – enabling a person to experience the pleasure of eating once again, without worrying about loose dentures/dental bridges that annoyingly move around inside the mouth.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Our complete and pragmatic approach to Dental Implant treatment extends to our skills in cosmetic dentistry. We offer the full range of treatments. As we are specifically trained in reconstruction to a high level of competence, cosmetically improving a smile for us is a simple everyday task. We can incorporate and offer both enhancement of the smile and face after initial consultations. The Cosmetic Dental & Facial Focus “The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or colour, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality.” –the definition of beauty These are the fundamental concepts one must understand when creating a smile. Balance of the teeth to the facial complex is the art form required. A communication with our world leading ceramist will create the smile. As we are dealing with a very visual area of your smile we would initially take a high definition of your smile and face and analyse the various components and discuss aims with you on what you wish to improve about yourself. We would act as a medium to allow you to make choices about what you may want to improve. We would then using our computer programs develop a visual representation of the end result prior to doing any cosmetic dentistry so we both understand the achievable result.

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