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Three Dental Implant Types

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In our Practice we offer 3 Types of Dental Implant manufacturers

  • Each Implant has been specifically chosen for the brand and quality of the product.
  • There are over 300 different Dental Implant manufacturers in the market.
  • We have decided to offer 3 types to offer patients the flexibility in choice and cost.
  • We would never compromise on clinical standards and the fee differences only reflect the cost of the Dental Implant themselves.
  • Certain dental Implant designs may allow of faster healing and placement in areas of thinner bone.
  •  Our guarantee periods do not reflect on expected time for the implant to last.

Below is a summary of costs and brief description of
each type of Implant that we offer at Dental Implant Centre


Our Standard Implant :  DIO Implant, Korea

As a global company based in South Korea the DIO Implant has been in use now for 10 years. Initial results are very promising indeed. We have been placing these implants for the last 6 years. The Implants can only be used in healed areas (whereby the tooth has been removed and there is adequate bone) and will take a period of up to 6 months to heal prior to crown placement. As the particular Implant has only been in use for 10 years the evidence for long term use is limited but the design and titanium used is very similar to other implants being used for over 20 years. A well placed DIO implant is expected to last for many years. Our guarantee is for 24 months.

Cost £1,395 including implant placement, abutment and Ceramic Crown
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Our Premier Implant :   Ankylos, Dentsply  Friadent Germany

The Ankylos Implant is a German manufactured Implant and has been in use over 20 years. There is a large amount of clinical evidence (i.e tried and tested) for use of these Implants. They are appropriate for the smile zone and have a patented connection between the tooth and implant which prevents recession of the gums known as the tissue care connection. These Implants will heal within 4 months and may also be loaded with a temporary tooth immediately if the bite conditions are deemed favourable. We offer a 10 year guarantee for an Ankylos Implant.


Cost £1,995 including Implant Placement, Abutment and Ceramic Crown.
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 Ankylos/Dentsply Implants are some of the most trusted dental implant systems in the world today, backed by more than 20 years of experience and research in the field of dental implant technology. Ankylos/Dentsply dental implants offer superior mechanical stability, as well as top-notch aesthetics, to provide patients with the dental implant systems that they need to replace missing teeth.

Ankylos/Dentsply Implants

Backed by more than 20 years of clinical research, Ankylos/Dentsply Implants continue to be some of the most highly regarded and trusted dental implant systems in the world today. The tapered connection of the Ankylos/Dentsply Implants are proven to provide initial and long term tissue stability; the implants are also designed to be bacteria proof, with very little to zero probability of micro movement. Ankylos/Dentsply Implants are also created to be friction locked to ensure stable and healthy tissue (both soft and hard); the friction locked feature also ensures that Ankylos/Dentsply Implants prevent bone resorption.

Ankylos/Dentsply Implants TissueCare Connection

Ankylos/Dentsply Implants are designed with the TissueCare Connection, which ensures that there will be very minimal formation of gaps in between the dental implant and the abutment – this in turn decreases the possibility of bacterial colonization in the dental implant treatment area. The connection between the implant and the abutment for Ankylos/Dentsply Implants is instead located in the interior part of the implant itself, where mechanical stability is optimal, and where micro movements are eliminated. The interior connection encourages optimal conditions for the soft and hard tissues to be free from irritations, and for the healthy overall conditions of the surrounding tissues.

Ankylos/Dentsply Implants feature tapered connections, making it possible for the implants to be positioned subcrestally without the risk of soft tissue loss, or even bone resorption. The tapered TissueCare Connection of Ankylos/Dentsply dental implants also acts as single-component and two-component implants. Ankylos/Dentsply implants are also created with micro roughness up to the neck of each implant; this encourages successful bone deposition and offering stable support – and long-term success conditions – for the overlying soft tissues.

Patented Progressive Thread Design

Ankylos/Dentsply Implants are designed with the patented progressive thread design that makes these implants specifically matched to the bone structure. The load of the dental implants is transferred to the cancellous bone part – which is more flexible – with the depth of the thread continuously increasing towards the top of the dental implant. The patented progressive thread design of Ankylos/Dentsply Implants guarantees crestal bone retention, as well as reduced stress on the cortical bone.

Growth Activating FRIADENT Plus Surface

Ankylos/Dentsply Implants are created with the growth activating FRIADENT Plus surface that promotes the deposition of bone forming cells on the dental implants themselves; the surface encourages the formation of a stable bond between the implant and the surrounding bone tissues in a short period of time. The surface of Ankylos/Dentsply Implants are also designed for the rapid attachment of bone forming cells that are necessary for successful ossointegration in a shorter period of time.

ExpertEase Computer Guided Technology

Ankylos/Dentsply Implants are backed by the ExpertEase computer guided technology, which allows the dental implant placement to be carried out in the smoothest way possible, regardless of the challenges that specific dental implant cases can bring. The ExpertEase computer guided technology for Ankylos/Dentsply Implants makes it possible for both dentists and patients to look forward to predictable results, as well as optimal convenience.

The use of ExpertEase computer guided technology for the placement of Ankylos/Dentsply Implants have the following benefits:

  • Transparency can be obtained before the actual dental implant treatment, with the help of the 3D scan and the images that result from the scan
  • Promotes optimal communication between the dentist, the dental laboratory, and the patientPredictable results
  • Treatment times are made shorter
  • Precise cost control, making it easier for patients to plan on the financial aspect of the dental implant treatment
  • Simplified documentation of the whole dental implant treatment (and the actual placement)
  • Possibility of quickly placing temporary teeth restorations, immediately following the placement of the Ankylos/Dentsply dental implants
  • Less discomfort for the patient after the operation/surgery

High Quality Implants

Complete Dental Implants and Crown from £1995.00

  • Complimentary Consultation
  • Complimentary Dental Sedation
  • Includes Up to One Extraction
  • 10 Months 0% Finance *subject to status
  • 10 Year Guarantee
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Exclusive Swiss Rapid Healing Implant – Straumann SLA Active

These are rapid healing implants and have been in use for over 30 years. The patented SLA Active surface of the implant will allow healing to occur within 6 weeks. The Implant is Swiss and straumann have manufactured components for Rolex for many years. The process of manufacturer is all hand and precision made construction of these beautiful Implants. We will offer a full comprehensive 15 year guarantee on these implants.

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Straumann SLActive Implants

Straumann SLActive implants are designed to promote optimal oral tissue response, and to dramatically shorten the healing time needed for the dental implants to successfully be integrated with the bone tissue (and other tissues surrounding the specific area where the dental implant was placed). The use of Straumann SLActive implants has also made the outcomes of the dental implants placement procedure more reliable – giving both the dentist and the patient more confidence in the successful outcome of the overall dental implants treatment.

The Straumann SLActive Implants set a new benchmark in dental implant surface technology. Straumann developed the revolutionary SLA surface in 1994, making it a gold standard in the implant technology by reducing healing time from 12 weeks to just 6-8 weeks. Straumann, however, went one step further with the Straumann SLActive Implants, dramatically reducing the healing period for dental implants even further to just 3-4 weeks.

Straumann dental implants are known for their superior quality, and are available in a wide range of prosthetic options that can cater to most patients’ specified dental implant system needs. The simplicity and reliability of Straumann dental implants make it easier for dentists from all over the world to confidently go about the dental implants placement in the safest ways possible.

Benefits of Straumann SLActive Implants

  • Straumann SLActive Implants are designed to show more predictability during the early part of the dental implant treatment, easily providing confidence to both the dentist and the patient about the dental implant treatment outcome. The early part of the dental implants treatment (the period right after the placement of the implants) is the most critical phase of the treatment, and this is usually the period when problems with the dental implant stability are experienced. Straumann SLActive Implants work by reducing the risk of implants failure (by up to 60%) at this critical stage, optimizing the dental implant integration and providing the dentist and the patient with a more predictable (and successful view of the) outcome.
  • Implant stability is dramatically improved during the critical early stages of the dental implant placement, with the Straumann SLActive Implants. The reason for this stability early on in the treatment process is the faster ossointegration with the Straumann SLActive Implants, mainly due to the Straumann SLActive surface technology. The surface micropores of Straumann SLActive Implants are hydrophilic – which means the surface is created to attract proteins and blood; this in turn makes ossointegration a much quicker process. There is significantly more successful and stable contact between the bone tissue and the dental implants with Straumann SLActive Implants, as compared to other dental implants systems.
  • The use of Straumann SLActive Implants results to a shorter healing period for the patient, with the Straumann dental implants expected to heal and be integrated into the surrounding tissues in as short as 3-4weeks. Other dental implant systems normally have a healing period spanning 12 weeks. The shorter healing period makes it possible for patients to fully enjoy the use of the dental implants without the need to worry about the implants’ stability – and without the long wait for the implants to fully be integrated into the surrounding tissue.

Straumann SLActive Implants are suitable for dental implant needs, although the high security features of this dental implant system make it much more beneficial in situations when the dental implant treatment program is of a more complicated, or more challenging, nature. It is best to ask your dentist about the possibility of using Straumann SLActive Implants for your specific dental implant treatment needs, so you can choose among the best dental implant options available.

High Quality Implants

Complete Dental Implants and Crown from £2995.00

  • Complimentary Consultation
  • Complimentary Dental Sedation
  • Includes Up to One Extraction
  • 10 Months 0% Finance *subject to status
  • 10 Year Guarantee
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